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Care and Communication with Pets

Betty grew up on a farm in northeast Nebraska and has always been an animal ambassador.  In 2001, she investigated TTouch to help her Sheltie overcome a thunderstorm phobia.  She was so impressed with the outcome from that one brief class, that she continued a two year program in Oregon and Washington to become a Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner for companion animals.


Her experiences have involved several special dogs, cats, lambs, reptiles, goats and their guardians. As a volunteer at her local Humane Society, she shared her skills to help anxious dogs prepare for adoption.  During her time at the local zoo, she had the opportunity to socialize the very rare New Guinea Singing Dogs, an experience which helped root her mission for positive training.

She has worked with several individuals to provide their senior pets a kind and beneficial therapy during their late life stages as well as with new puppy families as they begin their new relationships.

She is grateful for all the animals and their people who cross her path as her pawsitive experiences continue.